Products and Services


  • Assistance in public safety and emergency preparedness for local and regional operations
  • Resolutions of regional governance issues/governmental liaison
  • Development of interagency Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)
  • Disaster management assistance
  • Government contract consulting and project management
  • Environmental remediation consulting
  • Security and low-voltage products and services


  • Transportation evacuation planning for major events and disasters
  • Multi-agency joint planning for emergency command and control
  • Integrated logistics planning for all-hazard emergency preparedness
  • Security planning for healthcare, government and commercial infrastructure and special events
  • Continuity of Business and Continuity of Operations plans
  • Emergency planning and management for businesses, schools, non-profits and governmental agencies
  • Security planning, training and exercising for anti-terrorism and infrastructure protection
  • Pre-disaster programs for recovery planning to include infrastructure assessments (evaluations) and mitigation

Education & Training

  • Certification instruction for emergency management professionals (including Continuing Education Credits and NIMS/ICS classes)
  • Essential public safety education including all areas of anti-terrorism
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Transit Safety and Security Awareness Training and Education

Products & Services

  • Assistance in the development of interoperability communication capabilities
  • Project management for training and exercise programs
  • Project management for service support contracts
  • Security system installation, maintenance and repairs for all low-voltage systems

Response Augmentation 

  • Provide "on call" qualified personnel to augment command and control centers (EOC's) during any major emergency situation