Trimark Constructors, LLC

Trimark Constructors, LLC is a regionally based General Contractor that provides preconstruction and construction solutions to the private and public sectors. Trimark is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Electronic On-Ramp, Inc.

The Electronic On-Ramp, Inc. (EOR) is a Native American Indian, (8a) certified Small Disadvantaged Business, with primary offices located in a HubZone. EOR is owned by a Service Disabled Veteran (VOSB / SDVOB). EOR is skilled in providing Architectural, Engineering, Information Assurance, Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Forensics products & services. EOR specializes complete lifecycle solutions, and in helping the “good guys” from around the world with Assessments, Evaluations, Remediation, Configuration Management, Monitoring, Security Enhancements & in building integrated Secure Network Operation Centers (iSNOC), with a focus on detecting covert communications channels and reducing insider threat.


Digimation specializes in developing and delivering high fidelity 3D solutions for the training and simulation industry. Using photorealistic interactive 3D graphics and animation, their leading-edge training solutions are designed to accelerate the development and enhance the quality of visual communication. Digimation virtual trainers use state-of-the-art 3D animation and interactive graphics to visually communicate information in ways ordinary training cannot. It begins with exceptionally detailed and accurate 3D models of each part, which help to ensure part interaction is correct. Realistic surfaces are then applied so that each part is instantly recognizable. This not only makes for more compelling training, it also helps students easily make the jump from virtual assemblies to their real world counterparts. Whether demonstrating the cycle of operations for a weapon, or teaching the proper disassembly and maintenance of an engine, Virtual Task Training using interactive 3D graphics has been shown to increase training effectiveness while decreasing related costs.

Innovative Logistics Support Services (ILSS)

Innovative Logistics Support Services delivers customized solutions, based on best business practices, to individual, corporate and government clients allowing for reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increased efficiency throughout the supply chain. We draw upon a unique blend of entrepreneurial and traditional warehouse perspectives, disciplines and resources that enable us to meet virtually any warehousing or logistic need you may have. ILSS currently is support services contractor for Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North, the component command to the North Comm. ILSS is a Woman Owned, HUBZone Business.


Established in 1978, CSRS, Inc. is a leader in the delivery of infrastructure and facilities serving public and private organizations across the southeastern United States. More than program managers, we are engineers, architects, planners, surveyors and fund-sourcing experts. Whether we’re managing the process or performing the work ourselves, we understand every facet of project delivery. These qualities make us incredibly thorough and responsive to our client’s needs.

SEER Technology

SEER Technology is the developer of the AccuSense® Chemical Recognition System and the NAViSEER® Personnel Tracking System.

AccuSense is a wireless, hand deployed, portable, gas chromatograph for chemical gas detection that can detect, identify and quantify multiple chemical gases at one time, in real time and display analysis results on a remote monitor. AccuSense is quick to deploy and easy to use, and gives first responders, Hazmat teams, CBRN and environmental air quality professionals point detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC’s) and has a simple user interface that provides instant reference to the NIOSH standards for Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) exposures. Because it uses no consumable elute gases, AccuSense can be deployed in remote, fixed networks for continuous air monitoring to support Industrial Hygiene and facility security applications.

The NAVISEER Personnel Tracking System is the first tracking system to successfully provide highly accurate geo-position information of personnel deployed in areas where GPS service is limited or not available. Military personnel, industrial security and first responders such as firefighters, SWAT teams, Hazmat teams and other law enforcement officers are frequently called to deploy into unknown environments such as buildings, urban canyons, tunnels or areas with a heavy foliage canopy, where GPS service is denied or limited. Because NAViSEER requires no supporting infrastructure, it is quick to deploy and easy to use in these environments.