Colonel Terry Ebbert, USMC Ret., founded Ebbert and Associates in 2008.  Based in Metairie, Louisiana, Ebbert and Associates is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business engaged in planning, training and education of government officials, emergency responders and the general public with proven plans to save lives and protect public and private critical infrastructure. 

The EA Team brings the experience, local relationships, national reach-back capacities, and the subject matter expertise to successfully negotiate the myriad complexities of emergency preparedness, disaster response, security force planning, training and exercising.

The EA team personnel have lived and worked through numerous disasters in the state of Louisiana, including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav, as well as multiple national and international disasters and high profile events. EA worked to support BP during the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill that included extensive liaison activities to local, state and federal officials including the Mayor and the Emergency Preparedness staff of New Orleans.  We have also worked with the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, Veolia Transportation and Greensboro Transit Authority to support the agency with the issues of counter-terrorism training, system security plan development, TSA and FRA inspection Support, NIMS/ICS Training, HSEEP compliant exercises, driver personal safety class.  Selected as a sub-contractor, the EA team developed and executed an exercise program to test the communication and information/intelligence sharing of local, state, and federal agencies in connection with Super Bowl LXVII. 

As the Emergency Support contractor to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, EA continues to provide NIMS/ICS trained senior leadership support to assist in the conduct of major real-world incidents and emergency response exercises.  Additionally, EA provides specific NIMS/ICS Incident Management Team Training for SPR personnel. 

EA is working with multiple school systems in providing “Active Shooter" classes, safety and security self-assessments, emergency action plan development and conducting exercises.

EA personnel have played an integral part of the planning, development, coordination, and execution of multiple emergency incidents and special events in New Orleans since 2003.  EA has also prepared a multitude of FEMA Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101 compliant Emergency Operations Plans in ESF format for commercial and governmental clients. EA personnel have attained emergency management certifications recognized throughout the industry such as Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), Louisiana Emergency Manager (LEM), Certified Continuity Manager (CCM), and Certified Information System Security Manager (CISM).  EA is also represented by members on the International Association of Emergency Managers Certification Commission and the Training and Education Committee.

As the Director of Homeland Security for the city of New Orleans, Colonel Terry Ebbert, was the “Incident Commander” and coordinated all local, state and federal responses to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the largest disaster in the history of the United States. His extensive congressional testimony and work with the White House after action report team bring a unique understanding on the emergency preparedness expectations of multiple Federal, State and Local agencies. He was asked by the Department of Homeland Security and now  serves  as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Homeland Security Institute, the ” think  tank” for DHS. He has been selected by the University of Maryland’s Center for Health and Homeland Security, and approved by the US State Department, to be the lead instructor for Mass Sheltering and Evacuation presentations to international delegations at Senior Crisis Management seminars hosted by the US Department of State Office of Antiterrorism Assistance.  Recent seminars have been held with Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Turkey, Ecuador, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

During September of 2014, Colonel Ebbert led a team selected by the US Department of State to create and deliver extensive “Pipeline Security Training” to the leadership of the Secret Service Department of Pipeline Protection in Azerbaijan.  This instruction included students from Lieutenant to General Officer.

In addition, EA is worked with The Electric On-Ramp, (EOR) on a 3 year US Southern Command Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Preparedness Assessment Logistics and Training Support Services contract in Grenada.  This contract included equipping, training and exercising and real time assistance support during emergencies.  

The New Orleans area is the home for Ebbert & Associates to provide the educationplanningtraining and  to demonstrate professional emergency preparedness, which is the first step in effective disaster management.

Education & Training

Education & Training

Education & Training

Ebbert & Associates facilitates educational programs and training exercises to both public and government bodies.

Planning & Technology

Planning & Technology

Planning & Technology

Ebbert & Associates uses the latest in technology to provide enhanced solutions, database management & simulated training.

EA Founder & Chief

Colonel Terry Ebbert’s views on the Katrina experience have been documented in extensive federal testimony, books, articles, television, lectures and personal sessions with the White House and Department of Homeland Security.  Read More


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